About Us

Quality Affordable Pest Control practices the humane removal of all pest control. We at Quality Affordable Pest Control take pride in our work and are backed by a Satisfication Guarantee Program. We are highly professional in what we do and work to make you please.

From exteriminating bed bugs to wasp nest removal, in house pest removal, Quality Affordable Pest Control does it all. In addition, our clients receive preventative education after each call we make, ensuring the most effective results now, and for the future of their home and property. We are make sure the job gets done right the first time!

Don't count on anyone else for all your pest control needs in Toronto, York Region and Durham and surrounding areas! Quality Affordable Pest Control are experts at all your pest control. We specialize in the pest control and extermination of Ants, Bees, Bed Bugs, Ticks, Centipedes, Milipedes, Cockroachs, Spiders, Silverfish, Mosquitoes, Fly, Flea, Wasps, Spider, Rats, Mouse and more. Contact us today for a free quote for all your animal removal GTA and York Region needs.

About Quality Affordable Pest Control

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