Can you see bed bugs with the naked eye?

Can you see bed bugs with the naked eye?

You go to your residential attic or storeroom to clean out the stuff you don’t use, and you see some brown imprints all over the places, from the boxes to the curtains. What are these brown droppings? Or you wake up early in the morning and see some minor bite marks over your body and wonder what is happening. What are these bite marks?

The most probable answer could be bed bugs. Bed bugs are small insects that feed on your blood like mosquitos, scabies, etc. They had an affinity to human blood for centuries. These blood-sucking insects are widespread in households. You should read this article to get a thorough understanding of bedbugs to prevent any infestations at your residence. Knowing how to detect bed bugs is therefore critical for preventing and successfully controlling bed insect infestations.

The first stage of detecting the bedbugs is to know how they look like.

How do they even look like?

There are several main characteristics that bed bugs possess in Oshawa or other cities. First of all, they get out of hiding at night to suck blood. Bed bugs can grow their size to 3 times due to their aggressive feeding habits. So, there is a very slight chance that you could see them in the daylight. Although they are visible to the naked eye.

The adult bed bugs are brownish-red in color. After having a good diet of human blood, their color could become pure brown from red. Their shape is oval, like most of these creepy crawling insects. Their size can be compared to an apple seed which is around 4 to 7 mm. The good thing is that they cannot jump even though they do have wings. Their speed is equal to the tiny insects like ants. They live for a short period which is around 5 to 6 months. These insects can stay in a dormant state without feeding for one year.

The nymphs, or baby bed bugs, are transparent brown in color, but they become opaque as they mature. They go through five transformations before reaching maturity. Nymphs are about the size of a sesame seed. Because of the digested blood, larvae become a brilliant crimson color when fed, making them easier to spot. However, because of their small size, an infestation is likely to go unnoticed for several weeks, allowing the bugs to develop and proliferate. They can travel easily through luggage, clothing, or any other articles.

The bed bug eggs are quite different from the adult bed bugs. First of all, they have a whitish color. Their size is usually very small (almost equal to a pinhead). The adult bedbugs lay their eggs as clusters in a confined space. They can hatch from 10 to 14 days.

How do I know if it’s a bed bug or not?

You cannot always be sure of the insect just by looking. Numerous insects have a similar appearance to bed bugs. Let’s explore some of those impostors:

  1. Booklouse: The booklouse nymph resembles a baby bed bug in appearance. Bed bugs are frequently mistaken for wingless species and vice versa. These insects do not feed on human blood.
  1. Fleas: The only similarity between fleas and bed bugs is their hunger for blood; otherwise, they are entirely different.
  1. Bat Bugs:Bat bugs are nearly identical to bed bugs, and the only way to distinguish the two is to examine them under a microscope. The bat is the primary host of the bat bug.

Where to look for bed bugs?

The bed bugs reside near their hosts in Vaughan or other areas. They live in the bedrooms to suck the blood of humans while they are asleep. Their hideouts are very dark and narrow. They can fit at small inaccessible places. 

  • Look out for blood-colored spots on mattresses, pillows, sheets, etc., which could be crushed and dried bedbugs.
  • Pepper flake sized spots can be the sign of feces of If you see them on your sheets or other bedding,
  • Bed bug shedding could also be a sign. While transitioning, they lose their skins, just like many other insects. These are brown-colored skins left behind after a bed bug’s transformation.
  • Bed bugs are a definite indicator of a more significant problem. These parasites can be discovered in groups on the edge of the mattress, in crevices of your floors, walls, behind wall hangings, or inside your furniture.

How do I get rid of the bed bugs?

Bed bugs are often confused for other crawling insects with similar appearances, such as carpet beetle larvae and cockroach nymphs. Knowing how to detect bed bugs correctly will help you figure out what kind of treatment you’ll need to get rid of them. Specific procedures, such as steam cleaning, washing, or vacuuming, can be used to assist in eliminating the bugs. Even if bed bugs are visible in your Toronto home, getting rid of them without expert help might be difficult.

Summarizing it all, you should look out for visible signs of bedbugs to prevent a bedbug infestation at your residence or company. You should seek expert help to get rid of these little crawlers. Always consider the cost of pest control services in Toronto.