Fumigation Services in Toronto, Durham, and York Region

One of the specializations at Quality Affordable Pest Control is our fumigation services. This type of service will treat a variety of critters safely and effectively. Some common pests this we can exterminate are cockroaches, flies, fleas, moths, and bed bugs. Our fumigation services involve the use of a gas to eliminate common insects that are damaging your home. Depending on the size of the home, this type of treatment can usually take anywhere between 1-2 hours. Once the treatment is complete, homeowners are advised to stay out of the house for a minimum of 3 hours. This type of treatment is completely safe for children and pets, once the recommended time has lapsed. Fumigation of a home is a great way of eliminating many pests on contact, instantly. For instance, a fog for cockroaches is able to penetrate microscopic cracks and crevices where these pests live. This is far superior to a standard liquid application of baseboards, which is not able to pierce areas where they may be living. Another benefit of home fumigation service is that the insecticide does not last beyond its liquid phase. This means that there are no residual or long lasting properties that are left in your home unnecessarily.

In addition to providing house fumigation to residential customers of the Durham and York Region, we also offer this to businesses. You might be surprised to know that many commercial properties require this type of service. Businesses routinely battle cockroaches, fleas, and other common pests and this type of treatment is far superior.

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