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In addition to our effective pest control and animal removal services, the experts QAP pest control are dedicated to providing top quality customer care and customer service come first to us. When you contact us, you can feel confident knowing that you will receive a rapid response and high quality services from the start to your pest problems at an affordable price. We also take great care ensure the preservation of our clients’ privacy. So, whether you live in a family neighbourhood or run a market, restaurant or other service business, our unmarked vehicles won’t announce our visit to any curious eyes ensure your privacy so give us let are experts take care of the situation.

Quality Affordable Pest Control Services in Aurora is a highly skilled team of pest control in Aurora which is eco-friendly and pet-safe. Our experts are here to help you eradicate your pest problems in the most professional way. Our pest control solutions in Aurora help you get rid of all types of rodents and insects in any commercial or residential structure.

Wasp Removal

We know where wasps are most likely to build nests on your property. Hence, we can provide you with the recommendations to control the wasp infestation. Our wasp removal services in Aurora comprise of implementing proper equipment and products in order to control wasps in a safe and effectual manner without putting people or pets in danger.

Ant Removal

We know that an effective ant control often necessitates finding and treating the colony and this is exactly what we do when it comes to offering the perfect ant removal services in Aurora. We identify the ant species prior to attempting ant control. We utilize modern pest control products and services.

Bedbugs Removal

We target the sources of bedbug infestation. And after conducting a thorough study of the premises and identifying bedbugs, we implement our effective bedbug removal solutions. We offer a call-out service to deal with bedbugs in Aurora and make sure that your home is free from the problem of pests.

Mice Removal

We apply all the latest methods and technique to offer you a seamless and effective mice removal service in Aurora. In addition to that, we ensure that your family and pets are protected from the effects of treatment. We use natural and eco-friendly pest control solutions for our mice removal program.

Rat Removal

When it comes to providing quality rat removal services in Aurora, we offer on time execution of work with complete client satisfaction and excellent results. We offer rat removal services as per the customer’s needs. Our professionals implement rat removal products and techniques that are 100% harmless to humans and pets.

Cockroaches Removal

Our unique and effective cockroach removal solutions in Aurora have been crafted to provide you relief from cockroach infestation. We use advanced solutions adapted with seasonal pest activity to give you a long lasting protection from cockroaches. Our professionals embark on cockroach removal by inspecting and treating available hiding places.


For all other pests such spiders centipedes earwigs moths fleas tics and more we are highly trained exterminators to eliminate any of unwanted pests in your residential and commercial property eco friendly matter all results of elimination is guaranteed call today free quote talk to expert.

We also provide humane wildlife removal

We are a fully licensed and insured pest control company o-friendly and pet-safe operating out of Gta . We offer residential and commercial pest control services to eliminate common pests such as bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, carpenter ants, flies, wasps and more. In addition, we offer animal removal services which provide humane removal techniques for raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and birds all are methods are safe for pets and children family. We are fully licensed by the ministry of environmental.

Being the leading providers of pest control in Aurora, we have a broad ground of experience. We take confidence in the fact that we can help you get rid of any undesirable guests such as pests. We are a fully licensed supplier of pest control in Aurora and offer tremendously competitive pricing with an additional discounts. Our pest control services in Aurora for ants, bed bugs, roach and mice removals is offered with a warranty and our service quotes on pest control are free.

We understand the importance of dwelling in a safe and well-kept home. When you employ us for pest control in Aurora, we inspect your home meticulously and carry out treatment to eliminate the existing pests or thwart an invasion before it becomes a problem. Your home will be exposed to diverse pests every season. So just give us a call for pest control in Aurora to discover how we help by making sure that pests don’t turn into a problem for you again!

We, at Quality Affordable Pest Control completely know that insect infestations are an ongoing threat for the residents and businesses of the Aurora area. With our pest control solutions in Aurora for mice and rats you don’t have to worry about anything. The town of Aurora is mainly recognized for its stunning scenery and verdant green space that is ideal for outdoor leisure. So make sure you contact us for the best pest control in Aurora to ensure that the dwelling place of yours don’t get infested with pests.

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