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Located in Cook’s Bay on Lake Simcoe, Keswick lies 72 km north of Toronto and feels like an extension of Canada's largest city. Homeowners are attracted to its wonderful mix of outdoor spaces and cultural events. The lakes, parks, conservation areas, and green spaces are some of the best parts of Keswick, but they also bring wildlife and pests closer to our homes.

When those pests start moving into your home or business, you start searching for "pest control near me." We're here to save you the hassle. Give us a call. We're the premier pest control and animal removal service in Keswick. Both commercial and residential customers trust us for fair quotes, expert pest control and wildlife removal, and professional service.

Our Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Services

Whether it's pest extermination or animal removal, our highly experienced specialists and exterminators in Keswick can handle any situation. From cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs to raccoons, squirrels, and pigeons, we have an outstanding reputation for clearing homes and offices of all pests, wild animals, and insects—ensuring they don't return.

Our specialization is commercial and residential pest control services. Get rid of pests, so you can start enjoying your home again. We're here to ensure your house remains free of pests and unwanted creatures. We have a fleet of fully equipped pest control vans and our staff of actual specialists ready to support you. We've seen everything from bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, carpenter ants, flies, carpet beetles, and wasps to mice, rats, and raccoons. Our crew has the skills and resources to deal with your unwanted pests swiftly and effectively.

We've built our reputation on putting the customer first. We start with a prompt response. We come to your home, evaluate the infestation, and provide a fair quote with a detailed action plan. We integrate the latest environmentally friendly and pet-safe methods that are effective and help save you money.

Pest Control Services We Offer in Keswick

Wasp Removal Service



Summer is the best time to enjoy Keswick. It’s not so enjoyable when a wasp nest shows up on your property. We offer an array of wasp removal services in Keswick to ensure that you, your family, and pets don’t have to worry about wasp stings. From homes to commercial buildings to kitchens and restaurants, you can trust our wasp removal services in Keswick for the best price and top-quality customer service.


Ant Removal Service



Ants are more than a nuisance pest, they can cause real damage. For example, carpenter ants can excavate through wood and cause major structural issues. We offer ant removal services in Keswick to keep ants out of your home or business. We provide you with year-round protection and experienced pest control professionals to correctly identify the scale of the ant problem and eliminate it.


Bedbugs Removal Service



Bed bugs are parasites that infest our homes, especially our beds and mattresses and are unwanted intruders in your home. When it comes to offering quality bedbugs removal services in Keswick, we utilize our proven protection process and highly-trained specialists to review your home and apply the proper solution. We further monitor your living space to ensure that the bedbugs don’t return, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.


Mice Removal Service



Mice are a big nuisance for homeowners and businesses across Keswick. Equipped the latest techniques, our pest control experts offer the best mice removal in Keswick. We principally provide quick and effective services to help your property stay pest and mice-free, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.


Rat Removal Service



Rats' unique intelligence and physical strength make them daunting pests. We’re there for you, ensuring that your property is free from rats, whether they live in your garden or house. Our rat removal services in Keswick have been scrupulously designed to keep your house rat-proof. We also provide quick and effective rat removal services along with the highest level of safety for your family and pets.


Cockroaches Removal Service



The most common cockroach in the GTA area is the German cockroach. These cockroaches are infamous for spreading at alarming rates, with a single roach producing 30,000 new roaches in a year. Our cockroach removal service in Keswick provides a long-lasting and well well-organized treatment to exterminate roaches. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained at ensuring that your dwelling is cockroach free.


Raccoon Removal Service



Raccoon infestations can cause serious problems in and around your home, especially around your household garbage. They can make a lot of racket, carry many diseases, like rabies that can be passed to humans and pets, and can cause immense structural harm to your home. Our Raccoon Removal Services ensure your home is protected from a raccoons infestation, safely removing them and keeping them out for good.


Squirrel Removal Service



Squirrels are very cute characters, but they are not household pets and can be quite disruptive to your home, particularly if they have already discovered a way into your house. With our Squirrel Removal Services our trained technicians will inspect your attic and every exterior inch of your home or business to humanely remove squirrels and ensure that they can’t re-enter your home.


Other Pest Removal Services We Offer in Keswick

For all other pests such as spiders, centipedes, earwigs, moths, fleas, ticks, and more, our highly trained exterminators can eliminate those unwanted pests in your residential or commercial property. Our eco-friendly services are guaranteed! Call today for a free quote and to talk to our experts. Call us in Keswick at (647) 502-3950 or toll-free at 1-800-726-3913. We also provide humane wildlife removal

Our Pest Control Objectives

Our objective is simple: to deliver the most effective pest control services to residential and commercial customers, helping rid them of any pests, such as undesirable insects or rodents, at the most reasonable price in the region. When it comes to pest control and extermination services, we are committed to providing the finest of the best to our customers. You can always expect reasonable rates and custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Quality Affordable Pest Control for Pest Removal in Keswick

If you're dealing with a pest infestation, you're not alone. Insects and wildlife are a typical concern for many Keswick homeowners and businesses. The proximity of woods, grasslands, and lakeshore to urbanized regions mean that pests will seek food and shelter where they can find it. We're here for you to deal with them all.

Trust the best Keswick has to offer. We have helped helpless homeowners and businesses who can speak to our excellent quality of work and reasonable prices. Our five-star reviews are built on professional service across the entire process, from fair quoting to clear communication to professional extermination and wildlife removal. With us, you can rest assured that we'll solve your pest problem without breaking the bank.

We take pride in having the experience and knowledge to keep our customers happy. Having so many satisfied clients can only mean we completed the work to the highest standards. When our customers come to us for help with a pest problem, they know our highly trained specialists will manage the infestation using the most effective pest control procedures.

QAPC provides pest removal services in other Ontario Canadian cities including Newmarket, Woodbridge, Uxbridge, York Region, and Courtice. Our pest removal jobs are quick and affordable for all customers. Call an exterminator today!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind our work and guarantee the elimination of pest infestations for all our clients.

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