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At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we believe in and stand by our commitment to removing problem wildlife from your premises in a humane fashion: this includes squirrel removal throughout the York Region and Durham Region.

There’s no doubt about it, squirrels are very cute characters, but these bushy-tailed rodents are not household pets. They can disrupt your home if they have already discovered a way in. Across Toronto, squirrels have become a problem as their numbers are in the tens of thousands.

What are the Signs of Squirrel Infestation?

Signs of squirrel infestation can vary depending on the specific situation and location, but here are some common signs to look out for:

Noises - Squirrels are active and agile animals, and you may hear scratching, scampering, or chirping sounds coming from your attic, walls, or ceiling. These sounds are often more noticeable during the morning and evening when squirrels are most active.

Gnaw Marks - Squirrels have strong teeth and jaws and may leave gnaw marks on various surfaces, such as wood, plastic, or wires. Look for chewed-up areas on furniture, structural elements, electrical cables, or insulation.

Droppings - Squirrel droppings are typically small, cylindrical, and rounded. They resemble dark-coloured pellets and are usually found near nesting areas or along common paths squirrels use to move around your property.

Nests - Squirrels build nests using twigs, leaves, and other materials. Look for nests in trees, attics, chimneys, or any secluded areas around your property. Nests are usually large, messy, and can be visible from the ground.

Damage to Plants -strong> Squirrels tend to dig up and damage gardens, flower beds, or potted plants in search of food or to bury their stash. Look for disturbed soil, uprooted plants, or partially eaten fruits and vegetables.

Holes and Entry Points - Squirrels require entry points to access your home or building. Look for small holes or chewed openings in walls, roof eaves, vents, or fascia boards. Squirrels can also exploit existing openings, such as window gaps or damaged screens.

Squirrel Sightings - If you frequently spot squirrels on your property, particularly near your home or in unusual areas, it could indicate an infestation. Multiple squirrel sightings, especially during daylight hours, suggest a larger population.

If you notice any of these signs, it's advisable to seek professional squirrel removal services to address the infestation effectively and prevent further damage.

Why Should You Consider Squirrel Removal Services?

Squirrels are classified as a nuisance animal species due to their habits of living in homes and buildings. The most common complaints include the following:

  1. Squirrels living in the attic
  2. Squirrels living in the chimney
  3. Squirrels chewing on soffits and woodwork
  4. Squirrels chewing holes in siding
  5. Squirrels stealing birdseed from bird feeders
  6. Squirrels chewing through ridge vents and roof vents
  7. Squirrels chewing through louver vents
  8. Squirrels inside the home
  9. Squirrels in the basement

To protect the structural integrity of your home or business, it is vital to have these nuisance squirrels trapped and removed.

Why Choose Quality Affordable Pest Control for Squirrel Removal?

For squirrel pest control services in York Region & Durham Region, we are proud to partner with Empire Wildlife Removal, which aids in the effective removal of all squirrels within your home or workplace. For effective, long-lasting removal of wildlife, it is advised that you never attempt to handle this kind of situation on your own. Professional wildlife removal is highly recommended. If squirrels have become an issue in your home or business, Quality Affordable Pest Control, with Empire Wildlife Removal professionals, will get the job done.

Most typically, squirrels will make a home in your yard with their nests high up in a tree, venturing down frequently in search of food. Sometimes dwelling outside no longer appeals to these creatures, and they may seek refuge within your home’s confines. The animals are safely removed from your home using snare poles, one-way doors, and repellents by simply applying humane removal techniques.

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we guarantee that all wildlife removal services offered within the York & Durham Region are ecologically responsible, ensuring that only environmentally sound and humane animal removal techniques are used for animal control, damage control, and wildlife removal problems.

Squirrel Pest Control Services Near Me

Are you tired of sharing your personal space or place of work with a family of squirrels? Stop them in their tracks with professional squirrel removal services from the leading pest control team! Servicing all of Durham, the York Region, and the entire GTA, including Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Brooklin, Bowmanville, Courtice, Port Perry, and surrounding areas, Quality Affordable Pest Control is proud to serve you. We also provide squirrel control and removal services for the York Region, including Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Maple, Georgina, and King City.

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