What do I do if I found a bed bug?

If you have found a bed bug in your home do not panic. You have come to the right place. 

Sighting one single bed bug or even a single fecal marking should be taken very seriously, and usually means that you should arrange a professional pest control treatment as soon as possible.

Bed bugs are very stealthy pests so if you spot a single bug it means there are likely many more that you cannot see.

Finding a single bug or a single fecal marking usually means that it is time to take action.

All too often we have seen customers that choose to wait it out, try home remedies, or just hope for the best. Unfortunately bed bugs never go away on their own, and store bought methods are dangerous and ineffective.

Bed bug infestations can escalate very quickly. A single female can produce over 200 offspring in her lifetime and every new generation comes into being in the space of six to eight weeks.

Once infestations enter the second or third generation it can be a much bigger challenge to address the issue, and you may run the risk of spreading the infestation to the homes of loved ones or to neighbouring apartments, condo units or houses.

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